The Board of the Faith Thomas Foundation an Ohio non-profit corporation which has qualified for tax-free treatment in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code section 501 (c) (3), has adopted the following policy for measuring management’s effectiveness in achieving the Corporation’s goal and objectives: 

  1. At least once every two calendar years the Board will review the Corporation’s mission statement and, as appropriate, will make recommendations to make modifications to the Corporations’ mission statement which the Board believes to be appropriate in view of changes which may take place within the Corporation during the two year period.
  2. At least once every two calendar years the Board will appoint a committee which shall not include the President of the Corporation whose function shall be to evaluate the goals and policies of the Corporation and the effectiveness of the Corporation’s management in developing and carrying out programs in furtherance of those goas and policies.
  3. Upon completion of the review, the Committee shall prepare a written report summarizing its conclusions and shall present the report to the Board.  The shall set forth at least the following information:  
    • The specific activities and programs undertaken by the Corporation in furtherance of its goals and policies.  
    • The standards applied by the Committee to determine the effectiveness of the activities and programs and, if considered appropriate by the Committee, the reasons for selecting those standards.  
    • The Committee’s conclusions with respect to each activity and program and, if appropriate, the Committee’s recommendations for improving any activity or programs.  
  4. At the request of a majority of the Board the Board shall meet in executive sessions without the President present to consider the committee’s report and to determine what measures are appropriate to address any issues presented by the report.  The President shall not be present or permitted to vote when the vote to meet in executive session is taken.  
  5. At the meeting – whether or not in executive session – the Board shall review the Committee’s report and shall consider and adopt any changes to the programs and activities which it consider appropriate.  The Committee will appoint one of the Committee’s to update all required documents to included adopted changes.