The Faith Thomas Foundation was created to help raise funds and awareness to benefit and provide support to the transitional program between Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute to improve the care of patients as they transition from childhood to adulthood. This transition program will provide services that will make for a seamless transition.

 The transition from childhood to adulthood is already a tough transition. Living with Sickle Cell makes it even more difficult.  There are many factors that cause this transition to be difficult.  

  • A higher proportion of Sickle Cell adolescents receiving public health insurance
  • Limited insurance coverage and reimbursement for care coordination. 
  • Low high school and graduation and financial independence 
  • There is a high rate of mortality in the 18-26 year old population. 

Faith Thomas Foundation is dedicated to help make the change from childhood care to adult care as easy on the patient and caregivers as possible. Our main goal is to help provide financial support to help patients deal with Sickle Cell and medical systems as adults. 


President / Director
Member of the Board of Directors

As the president of the Faith Thomas Foundation, Felice is responsible for the daily operations of the foundation while ensuring that the Board of Directors and its members are aware of and fulfill their duties and responsibilities.
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Vice President / Art Director
Member of the Board of Directors

As the Vice President of the Faith Thomas Foundation, Brian is responsible for enforcing polices and objectives for the foundation to ensure it maintains its values and meets established goals. Brian is also responsible for producing the visual elements for all the foundations media.
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Director of Business Development
Member of the Board of Directors

As  the Director of Business Development of the Faith Thomas Foundation, Corey is responsible for generating new revenue for the foundation by securing grants, sponsorships and other revenue sources.
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Member of the Board of Directors

As the Treasurer of the Faith Thomas Foundation, Ernie is responsible for oversight over all aspects of financial management while working closely with other members to safeguard the foundations finances. Radio show co-host and producer. 
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Member of the Board of Directors

As the secretary of the Faith Thomas Foundation, Katie is responsible for ensuring the meetings are effectively organized and minuted while also maintaining records and administration.
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Community Outreach Coordinator
Member of the Board of Directors

Service as Community Outreach Coordinator includes: coordinate community outreach events, volunteer recruitment, coordinate charity and fund-raising events, sponsorship petitioner, radio show host and producer, brand publicizing, research and development.
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The Faith Thomas Foundation is dedicated to providing support to individuals living with Sickle Cell Disease and aiding in a smooth transition of care from childhood to adulthood. 


The Faith Thomas Foundation is sponsored and supported by many organizations throughout central Ohio.

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The Faith Thomas Foundation is always looking for positive individuals to help is raise awareness for Sickle Cell Disease. Click the link below is you would like to be sent information on how to become a volunteer. 

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