The Faith Thomas Foundation is organized exclusively for the charitable and education purposes for the disease known as Sickle Cell.

  1. To fostering a continuing relationship with other organizations within the State of Ohio that provide services to individuals living with Sickle Cell.  
  2. To “Raising Awareness” about Sickle Cell through educating, advocacy and working with community organizations and the general public; with special emphasizes placed on the  Ohio Department of Health Sickle Cell Services Programs (ODH) in collaboration with the Ohio Regional Sickle Cell Projects,); Take Time. Know Your Status (#TTKYS) Sickle Cell Awareness Campaign. 
  3. To host fundraisers and provide funding to the “Transiting Programs” coordinated between Nationwide Children Hospital Hematology-Thalassemia and Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer-James Cancer Hospital and Solve Research; and other organizations that are identified as supporting this program.